Sunday, March 05, 2017

AR: Armed Employee Shoots Meth Head

Police went to the business where witnesses said Woith came into the store, knocked over displays and yelled about guns. Employees asked Woith to leave the store but he refused. Witnesses told police Woith had a large rock in his hand and raised it over his head like he was going to throw it. One employee pulled a 9mm handgun out and shot Woith once in the shoulder. Witnesses said Woith went back a few steps and threw the rock.
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Ron said...

Falls under the "Play stupid games and win stupid prizes" category.

Anonymous said...

I would have shot him a second time to prevent him from finishing the rock throw. the problem with druggies is you never know how many times You will have to shoot to stop them. The VC in Vietnam would get really high and charge running full speed. It was amazing how many hits they could take before stopping them.