Wednesday, May 03, 2017

FL: Store ownner's gun Fails him, Robber Steals Gun

OCALA – Mahendrakumar G. “Mike” Patel intended to shoot an armed robber who entered his store on Thursday night.

But Patel’s gun never fired, and he believes there probably wasn’t a round in the chamber.

“Absolutely, I would’ve shot him,” said Patel, standing in his Chevron store at 11990 SE County Road 484 Friday morning. The store owner had good reason to be armed, as his store had been held up last Friday. Belleview Police Department officials believe it may have been the same robber.
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Anonymous said...

It would have fired if he had a single six revolver. some people are just to damn dumb to buy the right kind of a gun, one they are smart enough to handle. sort of look at me I'm rich enough to buy an expensive gun that I do not know how to use. You do have to be smart enough to load a single six. I have seen idiots so afraid of guns they actually peed their pants the first time they fired one. by the time I got to Vietnam that long haired hippy was an expert with a 50 caliber machine gun.

Anonymous said...

This is what concerns me about some states gun laws and rules.
How much training does some idiot have to carry a gun for self defense with no round in the chamber? This is what happens. Then add to the list the people who think a warning shot is a good idea, people who don't practice, people who make it easy for their guns to be stolen from their homes or cars when left unattended, don't really understand the laws that can greatly affect their lives if they violate the laws on shooting someone, like shooting through a door or dropping someone running away in the yard, or carrying a gun in a dangerous manner in their waist band with no holster. I could go on for a long time but basically, I don't think the average permit holder has nearly enough training as they should, thus making them as dangerous as any bad guy.
When I carry my firearm I also carry a good pepper spray unit so I have a less than lethal alternative to using deadly force on someone, or some animal. So far I have had to spray 2 dogs that came after me but no problems. Imagine what would have happened if I shot those dogs. Police involvement and a very angry pert owner to deal with. Could get real nasty quick. If you are going to carry a gun, you need to take it real seriously. Most don't I think.

Anonymous said...

I have considered myself an expert with firearms for over 50 years and the army gave me an expert medal. as far as target shooting goes I have fired almost everything our military has and several weapons from other countries and always fire expert. I have no control of the wind and I'm not about to inflict pepper spray on my self. Getting people to understand how dangerous dogs and other animals can be is not my problem. self defense is the issue. several years ago three dogs ate a seven year old girl on her way home from school. If dog owners love their pets love them enough to keep them leashed and under control. I have a big dog but I wont have even a little dog that bites. My brother was a mail carrier for many years. he said the ankle biters are the worst. he carried pepper spray and the kid on the corner a seven year old carried a nickel plated automatic. I do not want to shoot someone's pet, but I'm not going to spend weeks recovering from dog bites on me or my dog.