Monday, May 01, 2017

PA: Chief shoots attacking Dog that Killed Woman

Rachman followed the neighbors to the house in the 900 block of Spring White Drive, where he saw a woman lying on a second-floor deck, motionless with her head, neck and face covered in blood. The woman's 3 1/2-year-old pit bull-boxer mix was hovering over the woman's head, he said.

The chief went back to his truck, grabbed his off-duty .380-caliber handgun and called Lehigh County dispatchers to alert them that he was going to fire on the dog if it attacked again.

"It wasn't barking at all, it was quiet standing over her," he said.

The dog continued the attack, he said, grabbing the woman by the neck. Rachman fired twice, hitting the dog once in the leg, he said. The dog yelped, then backed away, he said.
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Anonymous said...

Well Never carry gun, You might be able to save your life in an attack like this. DOG ATTEMPTING TO ATTACK ME LIKE THAT WOULD BE MINUS HIS BRAINS ON THE FIRST SHOT. I would like to know why the officer did not kill it after wounding it.