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Bringing Black Youth into Mainstream Gun Culture

For years, I have been writing the urban black community is a natural place to recruit Second Amendment activists. The people there are those most in need of guns for self defense.  John Lott came to the same conclusion with academic studies of who benefits most from concealed carry laws.

Second Amendment activists have long said that firearms training increases responsibility and maturity. It has worked in rural areas. It should work in urban centers. Maj Toure decided to take that concept and run with it.  Maj is one of a number of black firearms activists that teach in support of the Second Amendment. Maj founded Black Guns Matter. From
The BGM leader educated the YESPhilly students through various workshops, covering topics like conflict resolution, de-escalation, firearm safety, their rights as citizens and the Second Amendment.

Maj Toure founded Black Guns Matter in 2015 and tours across the country providing Second Amendment education and information to urban communities according to the BGM website.

“I don’t think there’s a black gun culture or white gun culture, I think there’s an informed gun culture and an ignorant gun culture," Toure said.
These efforts are part of a sea change in attitudes about guns among blacks and women.  John Lott has documented that more black people and women are getting concealed carry permits than ever before. A majority of Black Americans now see firearms ownership as a positive. People with carry permits now exceed 16 million people. That is about 6.5% of the total adult population.    From
Women are largely fueling the increase. Among the eight states that had data from 2012-16, permits for men grew by 22% and permits for women soared by 93%. In the 14 states with 2016 data on sex, women now make up 36% of permit holders.

Over those same years, the number of blacks with permits increased 30% faster than the number of whites with permits. Blacks now make up 11% of permit holders. A few states provide a breakdown for Asian-Americans, and in those states they accounted for the largest percentage increase in permits.
Black people, especially black women, are realizing the right to bear arms is a right that has been taken from them. That realization is making draconian gun control impossible to pass.

The necessity of keeping slaves disarmed, and the racist desire to keep freed blacks disarmed, drove gun control laws and the gun control movement. Integrating responsible gun ownership and Second Amendment rights into urban black culture destroys the racist roots of gun control.

At Black Guns Matter, they embrace this mission. It is one that all Second Amendment activists can embrace. From
The Black Guns Matter mission is to educate urban communities on their 2nd amendment rights and responsibilities through firearm training and education.
Those pushing for a disarmed population depend on blacks and women as core supportive groups.  They are losing that support.

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Anonymous said...

Some times things are not what they seem to be. You call something blue because blue is an acceptable color for what it is supposed to be. but it they never see it and it is really green, until someone actually sees it nobody knows you lied.

I have grown a full beard before but today a full beard can be associated with the wrong people. some people wear tattoos and some tattoos are gang related. some tattoos can tell you which prison a person did time in.

I think training programs are a really a good thing if the training is for the right purpose. some training programs required very good vetting. I have been trained in numerous things, what you do with the training is very important. I trained with a very pretty girl once she was one of the top three students and never used the training because she did not have the stomach of it. I always expected girls to accept the bloody things in life, but not her. I really do not know how she made it through the eleven autopsy's.

Muslims wear full beards too.

Glenn in Phoenix said...

Maj Toure had an event in Avondale, AZ earlier in the year. The man is a highly skilled motivational speaker and gave a very good presentation. The audience was mostly Black Americans and seemed to come away with his positive attitude.
Among the guest speakers was Dave Kopp, President of the AZCDL.
After Dave spoke, Maj interrupted the program and told the audience that "These folks are who you need to be in contact with".
I was a volunteer at the AZCDL table and we garnered a few new members at that event.
Maj Toure has a great message and Black Guns Matter needs all of our support.