Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Firearms Safety Course Opposed by Wisconsin Political Group

A leftist Wisconsin group, Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort (WAVE) is opposing teaching children gun safety in schools. They prefer that children not be taught about gun safety, because if they learn about guns, they may decide that guns can be fun and useful. From wrn.com:
A group dedicated to preventing gun violence has concerns, over a bill that could have Wisconsin high schools teaching kids how to safely handle guns. The legislation from Republican lawmakers requires the Departments of Public Instruction, and Natural Resources to develop the curriculum.

“Our concern is that it’s not actually firearms safety, it’s really about teaching children to enjoy shooting firearms,” said Annalise Dickman with WAVE — Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort.

The logic is similar to those who avoid teaching children to swim. The parallel is that if we teach children to swim, they might drown. If we teach children to use guns safely, they might shoot someone.

But teaching children to swim keeps many from downing. Teaching gun safety has a high correlation with decreasing accident rates.  Guns have many useful purposes. With the Wisconsin Constitutional protection of guns, they will be hard to eliminate.

WAVE has always been a political organization. WAVE is a small organization, funded by the leftist Joyce foundation. From patch.com in 2012
However, WAVE is very politically active. Jeri Bonavia, the executive director of WAVE, is often found in politics, pushing gun control on behalf of her and the WAVE organization. For just a few of many examples, see here, here and here. Notice the recurring theme? It's always somehow related to gun control. In addition, WAVE itself is a registered lobbying group in the state of Wisconsin.
The heart of the "anti-violence" group is not opposition to violence, but opposition to individual power. Guns are an extension of individual power, like a power drill, an electric iron, a car, or credit card. All of them extend your reach, and amplify your abilities.  They are tools that can be used for good or evil.

All people believe that some people should not be allowed to have guns. Our current legal system outlaws guns for felons, those who have been adjudicated as a threat to themselves or others,  and to minors without parental consent. 

But those who wish the public disarmed aim for much more restrictive policies. They aim to teach children that guns are bad and should be avoided.

How else can you explain a policy that aims to prevent children from learning gun safety, because they may learn to like shooting guns?

Do we choose freedom or ignorance? Thomas Jefferson said:
I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Second Amendment supporters have consistently claimed that teaching children to use guns safely teaches them to be responsible adults. Those who wish to disarm the public believe that ignorance of guns is a better solution.

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Anonymous said...

There should be decades of records available before the 1968 GCA to use to make the point one way or the other. I never heard of any accidents in schools that had a fire arms training program. Most YMCAs had a training program and teams competition.