Saturday, February 03, 2018

Posting Spotty Tomorrow - Traveling to Australia

The trip to Australia by air is not conducive to blogging.

The posts may be a bit sparse for the next day or two, until I am able to get connected in Australia.

Roy Eykamp is having his 100th birthday.

I will be attending his party. Roy and I became rather close last year.

I had the privilege of being chief cook and bottle washer on his farm for nearly three months. It was only a part-time job.  At 99, Roy needs a little help from his friends.

I don't know if the job of chief cook and bottle washer is open, but I suspect my friend, Curtis Eykamp, will appreciate a bit of time off from caring for his father, Roy.

Having some experience with the job, I have a leg up over rank amateurs who may apply.

 I expect to add more articles about the Australian gun culture while I am there.

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Mr. Fosi said...

We pray that the Lord will grant you safe and uneventful travel.

Thanks for all the work you do maintaining and posting to this blog. You do great and very consistent work.

jonjayray said...

If you make it to Brisbane we could meet
John Ray

ExpatNJ said...

Safe journey, Dean. Come back to us safely

While abroad, remember the spirit of Mike Vanderbough, and rally The People to demand their G*d-given Rights!