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England: 49-Year-Old-Grandmother Shoots Home Invader with Crossbow

A 49-Year-old grandmother has defended her house and herself with a crossbow in England. it was about 9 p.m. on 17 April in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England. Three masked men, armed with a machete and a hammer, burst into Anji Rhys home. The man with the machete tried to grab the crossbow after she snatched it off the wall. She was able to turn and fire it into his abdomen.

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It is not easy to obtain firearms in England. Any firearms obtained are supposed to be locked up. Self defense is not considered a legitimate reason to own a firearm. Crossbows are still legal. They can be ordered through the mail. They are becoming an alternative for people who wish to defend their homes. From
'I ran and grabbed my crossbow and had a little tussle with a second man who had a machete. He went to grab it , but I managed to spin and shoot him in the belly with it at close range.

'He shouted "You f****** bitch, you shot me".

'At that point he fell on me, cutting my hand with the machete.

'I tried to throw the cross bow through the window to raise the alarm but the curtains caught it like a goalie net.'
Asked why she kept the Redback Pistol crossbow, she said: 'It is a home defence weapon. I am a prepper I believe you should hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I wish I had another four cross bows. It is a man stopper. It is the most powerful pistol cross bow.

'I had it loaded. I practice with it in my garden, which is 130 feet long. The bolt I shot him with was dirty because I had been using it. It was six inches long and disappeared into him.

She went on: 'I am still patrolling the house. The police have taken my crossbow. I have got a knife in my pocket now.

'I am on three courses of medication - for post traumatic stress, sleeping and anti depressants.'

Ms Rhys said: 'The police said quietly 'well done.' Another said: 'F....good job.'
The Redback Pistol crossbow was taken as evidence, but was not confiscated.  The Armex crossbow pistol show in the picture would deliver about 175 fps with a 104 grain bolt.  That is about 7 foot-pounds or 10 joules of energy.

 The Redback Pistol crossbow is not the one shown in the picture. The Redback is advertised as delivering 235 feet per second velocity. The Redback is advertised at about $63, with three bolts.

If the Redback is delivering 235 fps with a 100 grain bolt, it should deliver 125 fps with a 350 grain bolt.  Both deliver about  12 foot pounds of energy or 17 joules.  Crossbows are very efficient, and transfer  90% of stored energy as kinetic energy in the bolt.  7-12  foot-pounds of energy is weak by firearms standards.  A standard velocity .22 short delivers 52 foot-pounds of energy.

The wounding mechanism is different with a bolt and a bullet. The target bolts supplied with the Red Back merely have a field point. They only punch a hole in flesh. It can be dangerous, but the point mostly pushes flesh aside while making a small hole.

The most effective points for bolts or arrows are broadheads. They do not simply poke a hole, pushing aside most tissue. They slice their way inside, cutting a broader wound with razor edges. This is how arrows can be efficient killers of big game.

The broadhead tipped bolts available for pistol crossbows weigh about 350 grains, reducing velocity 47% from a 100 grain bolt.

The damage done is likely to be quadrupled, because cutting is a far more efficient use of energy than pushing a point through flesh.

It does not appear that Ms Rhys used a broadhead. She said the bolt was 6 inches long. Bolts with broadheads are typically 9 inches long for the pistol crossbow used.  Broadheads would create a more debilitating wound and would better serve the purpose of home defense.

In the United States, the Second Amendment of the Constitution guarantees that U.S. citizens do not need to rely on such primitive weapons for home defense. Commonly available pistols with magazine capacities of 15-18 rounds can deliver energies of  200-700 foot-pounds with each shot. Modern sporting rifles offer standard magazine capacities of 30 rounds with cartridges delivering energies of 1250 foot-pounds with each shot.  The common 12 gauge shotgun delivers about 1500 foot-pounds per shot. The popular .308 and .30-06 hunting rifles deliver 2500-2900 foot pounds.  The extra energy is sufficient to penetrate flesh, break large bones, and create massive wounds. There is sufficient energy to penetrate heavy clothing and barriers such as automobile windshields, walls, and primitive shields or armor.

If Ms. Rhys had a simple American or British revolver, her shot would likely have had more effect than the pistol cross bow. In addition, she would have had five more shots to deal with the other home invaders.

In Australia, Ms. Rhys would not be allowed the crossbow. Crossbows have been outlawed. They are considered prohibited weapons, and may only be owned with a special permit from the chief of police.  It is easier to obtain a permit for a firearm than for a crossbow. Self defense is not considered a legal reason to apply for a permit for the crossbow or for a firearm.

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I have two cross bows one with a 50 pound pull pistol style shoots the seven inch bolts and one that is like a rifle with a 185 pound pull and uses 22 inch bolts. the 22 inch convert a tip aluminum bolts with broad heads cost about 15 dollars each and I have over a dozen. cant find a practice target that will stop them and it has a scope sight on it. Then I have a compound bow with up to a 65 pound pull four fiberglass bows and one recurve 50 pound pull and a few smaller ones for the kids. and a little over five dozen arrows some are aluminum convert a tips. I have a couple of dozen 158 grain tips for target practice. convert a tips are great and a cost savings because you van practice with the same arrows/bolts you hunt with. wooden arrows tend to warp and aluminum stay pretty straight. I could use a re fletching tool.