Tuesday, May 01, 2018

OK: Armed Neighbor Saves Woman Attacked by Pack of Dogs


On 19 October, about 4 p.m. in Enos, Oklahoma, Michelle Slaughter was attacked by a pack of five large dogs. She was bitten repeatedly. The dogs refused to stop the attack until an armed neighbor shot one of the attacking dogs. Then the other four dogs ran off. The dogs had escaped from their pen. The owner, a firefighter, was in the northwestern part of the state, battling a wildfire. From kxii.com:
Otis Arnold was on his way home from work, and stopped to help right after one of the dogs, a Belgian Milnois, was shot and killed by a neighbor who had stepped in.

"She was screaming that she thought the dogs were trying to tear her arm off," Arnold said.

It was only after the gunshot that the other four dogs, all German Shepherds, ran off.

"One of them had a 4x4, and they were trying to fight the dogs, and it still wasn't keeping them off." Arnold said.

Slaughter sustained serious injuries to the stomach and arms and was taken to a Durant hospital. She's expected to be okay.

"No one would've thought it wasn't safe to just walk down the road, that dogs would attack you," Arnold said. "Nobody deserves to be attacked by dogs."
Dog owners are responsible for the actions of their animals.  Under Oklahoma law, dogs that are attacking livestock can be shot by the property owner. There is no special provision to shoot dogs that are attacking people.  Oklahoma law allows people to shoot other people that are attacking them, however.

Marshall County Undersheriff showed common sense and discretion.

 From kten.com:
One of his neighbors shot that dog during the attack, which is against the law in Oklahoma.

"In Oklahoma, unless a dog is attacking your livestock and is on your property, you can't shoot a dog," Marshall County Undersheriff Ed Kent said. "However, these guys saved a life yesterday, so they're good to go in our book."
Most adult men can handle a single dog in combat, if they are determined and ruthless. Almost any weapon, even improvised weapons, give the man the edge. But any number of dogs greater than one pose a significant threat. Dogs instinctively know how to take down larger animals as a pack.

Michelle Slaughter is lucky there was an armed neighbor who was willing to intervene. She could easily have been killed. She required hundreds of stitches to close over 40 lacerations.

The use of firearms to defend against animal attacks is seldom mentioned as a reason for the right to keep and bear arms.

It is likely, however, that defense against animal attacks are common, yet seldom reported.

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A tenant of American law is if it is not written it does not exist If there is no prohibition it is permitted. If the law does not protect dogs then dogs are not protected. I'm getting real tired of these capcha screens. the pictures are so small you have to use a magnifying glass to see what is in them and sometimes that is not enough, 14 consecutive screens is ridiculous.