Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Ohio: Shooting ruled self defense: "The fatal shooting of a Sharon man was done in self-defense according to the Mercer County District Attorney. The Mercer County District Attorney says homeowner Kevin Mcewen shot and killed Robert Flynn after Flynn broke into his home Saturday morning. Flynn allegedly went to the Sharpsville home because his girlfriend was there. He then started waving a gun around and threatening people inside the house."

Georgia: Woman fends off home intruder: "Police are searching for a suspect who entered a home in north Fulton County Monday morning. The homeowner, a 38-year-old woman, told police she was able to shoot the suspect as he fled the residence. Michelle Johnston told police that her attacker threw her to the ground after entering her home located in the 500 block of Alstonefield Drive. 'She was awake. She came downstairs in her home and that's where the struggle began, that's where she was confronted by the suspect,' said Fulton police Lt. Dexter White. She told police she was able to reach for the suspect's gun during the scuffle and shoot at him."

America's gun war is being won in the nation's courts: "Wal-Mart last year settled a California lawsuit alleging widespread violations of gun laws for $14.5 million. The California suit said Wal-Mart stores sold guns to convicted felons and ammunition to minors, and allowed buyers to pick up guns before criminal background checks were complete. Gun control advocates called the settlement an important victory over one of the nation's major firearms retailers. But in the ongoing legal war over gun violence and gun control, the Wal-Mart case was one small skirmish. Large-scale attempts to blame firearms makers for gun violence in American cities have failed. Class-action lawsuits seeking billions of dollars from manufacturers get shot down in courts all over the nation."

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