Sunday, June 12, 2005

Tennessee: Store owner shoots would-be robber: "A Memphis store owner shot and killed a would-be robber. The shooting happened at the Citgo on Jackson Avenue at Interstate 240. Memphis police say that just after two this morning a gunman tried to rob the Citgo store. Investigators say the gunman grabbed a clerk who was taking out the trash and entered the store using the clerk as a human shield. The owner was in the back of the store and shot at the suspect killing him. The owner also accidentally shot the clerk sending him to the MED in non-critical condition."

Florida: Gun owners laud deadly force law : "William Haymond, a former Marine, proudly wears a veteran's pin on his black baseball cap. There's also a pin from the National Rifle Association, an organization Haymond has been a member of since 1953. At 73, Haymond considers himself a gun enthusiast and collector. ... Haymond knows his hobby can be used for deadly force, which he isn't afraid to use. 'If some young punk who's 20 years old wants to take my money, I can't fight him,' Haymond said. 'But I can shoot him.'"

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