Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I love this imaginary conversation pinched from Bovination in 2002. You will not want to believe it but it shows how opposition to private gun ownership is similar to racism. Now that is REALLY killing sacred cows!

The people in the dialogue are supposed to be discussing the 2002 tragedy at Monash University in Australia where a student from China used a handgun to kill two fellow-Chinese students:

Larry Leftie: One thing this incident proves is the need to ban guns.
Rudi Redneck: Rubbish it demonstrates the need to ban Asians.
LL: But Asians didn't cause this - guns did.
RR: An Asian did cause this.
LL: But if there were no guns this incident couldn't have happened.
RR: If there were no Asians this incident couldn't have happened.
LL: But you can't judge all Asians on the actions of a few.
RR: You can't judge all gun owners on the actions of a few.
LL: Even if you did ban Asians, gun deaths would still occur.
RR: Even if you banned guns, crimes would still occur.
LL: But guns are inherently evil.
RR: Why?
LL: Because they kill people.
RR: An Asian killed people on this occasion - does that make Asians inherently evil?
LL: Of course not - very few Asians kill people.
RR: Very few guns kill people.
LL: You don't agree with me, therefore you are evil!
RR: Leftie Loser!
LL: Redneck!

Arkansas man shoots abusive husband: "A confrontation between a man in his home and an intruder ended badly Monday night -- for the intruder. Joshua Nicholson, 26, 425 Sheppard Road in Avoca, was asleep when someone broke into his home through the back door, according to a Benton County Sheriff's Office news release. Upon hearing a disturbance, Nicholson grabbed his gun, a .380-caliber pistol, and walked down the hallway. Nicholson saw a man entering the residence and fired one shot, believing he hit the man, according to police. Also in the home at the time were Marty Martin, 31, Nicholson's roommate; Sarah Enkler, 25, and her two children. Enkler and her two children were staying at the residence to escape an abusive relationship with her husband, according to police. Richard Deshields, 37, Enkler's husband, checked himself into a hospital in Joplin, Mo., suffering from a gunshot wound. Joplin Police Department officials contacted the Benton County Sheriff's Office. Officials with the Sheriff's Office have requested the Joplin Police Department arrest Deshields in connection with a felony charge of residential burglary and a misdemeanor charge of first-degree criminal mischief. Deshields will be transported to Benton County as soon as his condition allows, the release states. There are currently no charges pending for Nicholson."

Florida judge draws a gun: "A Jacksonville, Fla., judge drew his handgun when an accused child molester was attacked by an alleged victim's father in court. "I didn't know if he was going after me or the bailiffs or the defendant," Circuit Judge John Merrett told The (Jacksonville, Fla.) Times-Union. The father, who had not seen the defendant before the court appearance, hurdled a railing and landed several punches on the handcuffed and shackled man before bailiffs restored order. Merrett said that once he saw the situation was under control, he handed his gun to the court clerk and asked her to lock it in a drawer. Merrett has a concealed weapon permit and said he'd do the same thing again, the newspaper reported. But Duval County Public Defender Bill White said the incident was frightening. He plans to talk to the chief judge about whether judges should be armed in court. "It's very disconcerting for a lawyer to be in the line of fire," White told the Times-Union. The father was charged with felony aggravated assault and misdemeanor battery."


Charlie B said...

Silly argument, one can plainly see how well gun control is working in OZ and the UK.

Anonymous said...

My wife, works in that courtroom. I am glad that her judge takes his safety, and everyone else's seriously enough to shoulder the responsibility to carry a defensive weapon. I wish she was permitted to, but sadly, that is a priveledge that only the judiciary is permitted (in courthouses)

Anonymous said...

Don't think that line of argument is unreal. It is VERY real.
Modern day Civilisation (as we like to believe) is predominantly urban. Most people have no use for firearms, for their food is already dead and shrink wrapped in little modules.
Practical unfamiliarity is commonplace. Sadly - the urban majority gain their knowledge of firearms based on the spectacular and unreal situations depicted in what masquerades as 'entertainment'.
Always are guns portrayed as being used by criminals.
It is no wonder therefore that the ignorant majority believe that "Because criminals have guns, therefore those who have guns are criminals."
The end effect is that funds and resources are misdirected, save for placating the mass ignorants.
That is why the opening dialogue is very real. It is mad, but is real.
Peter Cunningham

Unknown said...

Did you hear about the store clerk that was shot by a gun. Ya the gun walked into the store on it own accord, shot the clerk then ran off with about $75. There was not a person wielding the the gun, it was all alone in this crime.
So the gun should be found, arrested, tried for murder, put on death row for 20 years, released 3 months later so a mother can be put in his place for allowing her child to sell lemon-aid without a permit.