Saturday, March 31, 2007

TN: Residents can now keep guns in emergencies: "Tennesseans will get to keep their weapons to defend themselves in future disasters and emergencies. Tennessee lawmakers shot down a standing law allowing the governor to confiscate guns. Louisiana had the same law and enacted it in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Post-Katrina New Orleans experienced a dramatic rise in violence. To curb the chaos, Louisiana government ordered all citizens to turn in their guns. Wednesday, Tennessee senators assured residents of the Volunteer State they will keep their guns, even in a State of Emergency."

Texas wife in trouble for false rape call: "In December, Darrell Roberson fatally shot a man outside his Arlington home after finding the man and his wife in a compromising position inside a pickup. But Roberson is no longer in trouble with the law. His wife, Tracy Denise Roberson, is now the one facing criminal prosecution in connection with the killing. On Wednesday, a Tarrant County grand jury declined to indict Darrell Roberson, 38, on a murder charge in the death of 32-year-old Devin LaSalle. Instead, the panel on Thursday returned an indictment against Tracy Roberson on a charge of manslaughter, stemming from allegations that she recklessly caused LaSalle's death by falsely claiming that she was being raped, prompting her husband to shoot LaSalle. Tracy Roberson, 35, was also indicted on a charge of making a false report to a police officer on accusations that she also lied to Arlington police, telling them she was being raped when, officials said, she had actually been having an affair with LaSalle. A warrant for her arrest was issued Thursday."

Elderly New Mexico man shoots intruder: "Hobbs police say they rarely hear of burglaries when people are home and it`s even rarer for a victim to fire shots. Residents of Hobbs say Jerald Hanson has been around the town forever. He's a guy you can see riding around town on his motorcycle who never puts up with much from anybody. He's known by most as Pac Rat but ever since early Friday morning he's been known for a lot more. "Lying in bed, heard some funny noises you know? And this guy was in my house. He had a knife and he says give me all your money or I`ll kill you! That`s where he made a mistake, he started counting it. It just gave me enough time to go under my pillow and get my gun. I shot at him." That's the account from Hanson after police say 36 year old Rodney Rudy broke into his home around 3:30 Friday morning.... Hanson fired two shots at the suspect, one of those hit Rudy in the left abdomen and back area. He then ran to a nearby home. Police found him and took him to Lea Regional Hospital. He was later taken to University Medical Center in Lubbock where he remains in stable condition. Police say when he recovers he could face some serious charges including robbery or aggravated burglary. Both are second degree felonies. Hobbs police say New Mexico citizens are allowed to take reasonable and necessary steps to protect themselves or their property and they will investigate what happened at Hanson's house.

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