Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another "gun-free zone"?: "Two people have died and a third has been wounded in a shooting at an Arkansas university. One victim died at the scene of the attack, which took place late on Sunday evening at the campus of the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, near Little Rock. The second died in hospital, said UCA police spokeswoman Lt Rhonda Swindle. The condition of the third victim is unknown. All the victims were male, said Lt Swindle. She said she had no information about the suspects, although the university police website claimed that one person was in custody and three others were being sought."

Seattle man innocent in Halloween party killing: "A Snohomish County jury has acquitted a Central Washington University student accused of killing another man during a scuffle outside a Mill Creek Halloween party. Jurors sided Monday with Bryce Dawson Fortier, finding the 23-year-old acted in self-defense when he fatally shot Christopher Chandler, 18, last year. Fortier, a Roosevelt High School graduate, faced conviction of second-degree murder or, alternatively, first-degree manslaughter in the shooting. Prosecutors had claimed that Chandler was shot when he tried to break up a fight in which Fortier was engaged. Police said in court documents that Chandler attempted to rush Fortier when he saw that the man was armed. Forensic evidence, Mazzone said, told a different story. Mazzone said he believes the jury was swayed by ballistic evidence that showed Chandler was attacking Fortier when Fortier fired his pistol. Fortier took the stand in his own defense, offering testimony that was corroborated by the evidence. Fortier was initially jailed following the shooting."

OH: Man shot while breaking in to car : "A man attempting to break into a car Sunday morning was shot and killed. Scioto County Sheriff Marty Donini says his office is investigating the shooting death of Timothy L. Reese. He was a 21 years and from South Webster. The shooting happened around 4:00 Sunday morning outside a home near the Scioto-Jackson County line. Sheriff Donini says Reese was shot after a confrontation with a resident who had caught him attempting to break into a car. According to the police report, a confrontation took place and the resident fired a gun at Reese. Deputies say they believe this was a case of self-defense."

Obama: Arrest Guns, Not Criminals!: "Obama has a long history of supporting city gun bans. The Associated Press described his vote on a gun-control bill in 2004: "He also opposed letting people use a self-defense argument if charged with violating local handgun bans by using weapons in their homes. The bill was a reaction to a Chicago-area man who, after shooting an intruder, was charged with a handgun violation." No major-party presidential nominee has ever had as strong and consistent an anti-gun record as Obama. Here is a politician who supported a ban on handguns in 1996, backed a ban on the sale of all semiautomatic guns in 1998 (which would encompass most guns sold in the country), and advocated banning gun sales within five miles of a school or park in 2004 (a virtual ban on all gun stores). He also served on the board of the Joyce Foundation, the largest private funder of anti-gun research in the country.

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Anonymous said...

I can not believe that Obama has a serious chance on the Presidency. Among a bunch of other objections I have, he definitely will attack our rights to bear arms.