Monday, October 20, 2008

Indiana: Victim, intruder shot in home invasion: "An apparent home invasion left both the Near-Eastside resident as well as the alleged intruder hospitalized with gunshot wounds, police said today. Jason Kennedy, 25, was listed in serious but stable condition at Wishard Memorial Hospital with a gunshot wound to the head. Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department investigators said that after being shot, Kennedy fired back at his alleged attacker, Thomas King, 29, of McCordsville. King was listed in critical condition at Wishard. According to an IMPD news release, Kennedy and a group of friends had been sitting on a porch in the 200 block of North Eastern Avenue early today when they were approached by King and another man, and began arguing with them. Police said the men returned to the residence about 5:50 a.m. and robbed Kennedy and one of his companions at gunpoint. According to the news release, "it appears that King, while robbing the two individuals, pointed his gun at Kennedy and shot him in the head. Kennedy then pulled out his gun and returned fire, hitting King.'' Police found both King and Kennedy outside the residence. Investigators said they were still seeking King's alleged accomplice in the incident."

In this case, having a gun made a difference: "Born and raised in Woodbridge, the 46-year-old Babecki moved to Coosa County, Ala., in December 2007 and was married on May 3. Shortly after midnight on May 29, he heard the unmistakable noise of someone breaking into his mobile home. He reached for his loaded handgun next to his bed, and shouted to his wife Heather to grab her rifle. The intruder entered their bedroom, and fired a shot into the floor. Babecki figures the bad guy wanted to intimidate them, not knowing they were armed. While Babecki fumbled with the fanny pack that contained his gun, his wife pointed her rifle at the intruder. According to Babecki, his wife would have fired the rifle, except that she feared she might kill her pet birds in their cage right outside the bedroom. "I didn't know his intention was, except when he saw two people pointing guns at him he left," said Babecki ... He explained that when they called 911 after the intruder fled, it took about 45 minutes for a sheriff's officer to arrive. "Here (in Woodbridge), the cops would be at the house in three minutes. There (in Coosa County) you're on your own."

PA: Activists rally 'round open-carry heroine: "Gun-rights activists who traveled to Lebanon from as far away as Pittsburgh in support of Second-Amendment poster girl Meleanie Hain said it was worth the trip. A group of two dozen supporters applauded and cheered when Lebanon County President Judge Robert J. Eby announced his decision yesterday to restore Meleanie Hain's concealed-weapons permit ... 'I wasn't surprised,' 37-year-old Greg Rotz ... said of Eby's ruling. ...Rotz faced similar charges after he wore a sidearm to his voting precinct on Election Day last November, later receiving a letter from the Franklin County sheriff demanding that he turn over his handgun. He appealed the decision and was vindicated in January when a judge threw out the case."

GOA releases Congressional Voter Guide: "With the election less than one month away, Gun Owners of America is doing its best to keep gun owners informed about who is protecting your rights in the Congress. Many gun owners are familiar with the differences between the candidates at the presidential level, but how well do they know the views and actions of those who are running at the congressional level?"

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