Friday, February 04, 2011

FL: Fatal shooting termed justifiable homicide: "A man who shot and killed another man in what appeared to be a botched home invasion robbery last month will not be charged with the man's death. On the night of Jan. 19, William Fishbaugh was visiting a friend, Craig Rosenbaum, at 1391 NE 188th Ave., when his girlfriend asked for a cigarette. Fishbaugh told detectives he went outside to get her a cigarette from a car and a masked man hit him in the face with a piece of steel rebar. Fishbaugh said he ran back inside, chased by the masked man. He told detectives the masked man hit him a second time and threatened to kill him. Fishbaugh said he ran into a room in which he had left his 9mm handgun, grabbed the gun and fired two shots at the masked man, one of which struck him in the upper torso."

NC: Case Dismissed Again Man in Death of Mother: "A Superior Court judge on Thursday dismissed the case against an Aberdeen man charged in the shooting death of his mother in 2009. Senior Resident Superior Court Judge James Webb granted a defense motion to dismiss the case against Douglas Doughten after the state finished presenting its evidence. Police charged Douglas Doughten with voluntary manslaughter in the death of 72-year-old Barbara Shortt Doughten. He claims that he fired his pistol in the general direction of a side door of the house after hearing what he told police was someone trying to get in. The bullet passed through several walls before striking his mother in another room. "There is clearly insufficient evidence to show even the first element of imperfect self-defense," defense attorney Patrick Mincey told Webb in asking that the case be dismissed "Douglas thought someone was breaking into his house. He never intended to kill his mother. ... He did not intend to shoot his mother."

Jewish anti-gunners are just emoting: "The National Council of Jewish Women’s thinly disguised polemic in the article “Reforming gun safety laws a moral imperative” (CJN, Jan. 21) against gun ownership misses an important point. Making yet another rule banning guns will not protect us against violent crime, nor will enforcing a witch hunt against those deemed mentally defective enhance our security. NCJW’s position on the “moral” invalidity of our firearms laws is disingenuous. Imagine what Israel would be like today if its citizens were disarmed as these folks are advocating. Imagine also what might have transpired in Europe if the Jews had been armed and trained, as were the Swiss – the only country in Europe not invaded by the Nazis. Jews have always had an important stake in self-defense. Making social policy based on an irrational abhorrence of guns makes no sense."

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