Thursday, February 03, 2011

KY: Convenience store clerk shoots robber: "Police continue to investigate a shooting at a convenience store, where a clerk turned the tables on a robber. Louisville Police said a clerk at a Food Mart shot an armed robber around 8:30 Wednesday morning. The robber then dropped his gun and took off in a car. Police say the suspect ended up at another convenience store and was taken to the hospital. We're told the suspect's injuries are not life threatening".

AZ: Bill aims to loosen gun laws: "Arizona solidified its reputation last year as one of the most liberal gun states in the nation after the Legislature passed a law allowing people to carry concealed weapons without a permit. This year, gun-rights advocates hope to push Arizona to the top of the list by passing a 'Firearms Omnibus' bill that would make Arizona the second state in the nation to require universities and communities to allow guns on campus and one of 10 that permit guns inside public government buildings such as the state Capitol."

Maryland Shall Issue Supports Reciprocity Bill: "Maryland Shall Issue (MSI) has announced support for HB-9, currently pending before the House Judiciary Committee in the Maryland General Assembly. The legislation is being sponsored by Delegate Michael Smigiel (R-36, Caroline, Cecil, Kent & Queen Anne's Counties). HB-9 would specify that a license to carry a regulated firearm, including a concealed regulated firearm, issued to an individual by Delaware, Pennsylvania, or Virginia would be valid in Maryland. Maryland does not currently recognize the handgun permits of any other state. "The states of Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia have recognized the rights and competency of their residents who have passed the background checks, including mental health screening, and met the training requirements in order to be issued these permits," says MSI President Paul Dembowski. Dembowski also says, "In a time of dire fiscal crisis, Maryland would be wise to do everything possible to promote tourism between our neighboring states."

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