Wednesday, December 05, 2012

AK:Big Lake men subdue serial burglar

BIG LAKE — A bail-jumping burglar may be feeling lucky at the possibility of spending the next several decades in jail after an armed confrontation that nearly left him shot.

Joshua Beaty, 25, was in the process of robbing the Big Lake area home of James Conner Oct. 26 when Conner and a couple of his friends caught Beaty in the act.

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“He already had the TV loaded up and some other stuff,” said Jim Bowe Jr., owner of Mark’s Big Lake Repair and friend of Conner. “He came out of the house and tried to sneak into his truck, and Conner grabbed him.”

Beaty managed to get into his vehicle, threw it in reverse and attempted to run Bowe down, Bowe said. That’s when Bowe trained a handgun on Beaty.

“I pulled a gun and almost shot him,” Bowe said, adding that Beaty made a move to retrieve a.44-caliber handgun he had stolen from the home from beside his seat. That’s when Bowe said he fired a warning shot. “I popped one up over his head, then he knew I was for real. If he would’ve got that .44 out of the holster, he would’ve been dead.”

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