Thursday, December 06, 2012

Default DIY: Shovel AK - photo tsunami warning!

On this Thanksgiving Day, let me say this: God Bless America the only country on this shitty planet where you still have the freedom to build AKs in defense of Motherland! The only country where a shit shovel can become an awesome weapon of death and destruction.

When I was driving through VT backroads this fall, I stopped at a gun shop and seeing a few ARs made me feel gay enough to visit a dilapidated "antique barn" where farmers sell authentic shit from the local dump to idiot tourists. When I smelled a much stronger odor of cow shit, I saw this shovel and the image of the AK handle came to my exasperated mind. Flustered old dude was suspicious of a comrade in a BMW, on less traveled gravel roads of VT, who barely spoke English and needed a shit shovel "for my trunk" but let it go for $2. That's the best $2 I ever spent, closely behind that one time in Montreal - but that's another story.

I cut the handle from the shovel and fashioned it into a buttstock for my Bulgy AK with ever changing furniture. This new butt stock had proven to be surprisingly comfortable.

Well, this is not the end, it's a beginning, because one night I was drinking with the shovel and contemplating what to do with it. It's funny, when you are sober, you can' understand how a shovel can share with you a delicious drink of vodka. So I said to shovel, I will re-unite you with your handle and we had another round of drinks to celebrate! ... and then I cut it up.

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Dean Weingarten said...

This is the fascinating story of how a garage craftsman made an AK clone from a shovel and jparts. The exerpt only tells of the start, there are many pictures documenting the process at the link. A lot of work, but perfectly legal.