Thursday, December 20, 2012

OH:Kasich Stands up to Media Bullies

Gov. John Kasich said he will sign a new gun bill, even after calls on him to postpone his decision in wake of the Connecticut shooting.

The liberal group Progress Ohio had requested Kasich hold off signing the law. It will, for the first time, allow people to bring guns into the parking garages under the statehouse, and across the street at the Riffe center.

“I’m a Second Amendment supporter and that’s not going to change. There are a range of issues at play here involving mental health, school security and a culture that at times fails to reject the glorification of violence that can desensitize us to the sanctity and majesty of life. Going forward, we need to pay close attention to what the experts conclude from this incident in order to see if there are lessons to be learned and applied here in Ohio," said Kasich.

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