Monday, December 17, 2012

UK:"Give teachers guns": US blogs awash with people calling for more people to be armed

SCREAMING mums at schools, dads cradling children... it’s all too familiar to those of us who live in the United States.

Hours after the latest outrage the internet was awash with the unapologetic views of those who live and die by the gun.

Take this: “No crime would be permitted on my property because I am f****** armed. I can’t wait to kill someone ­legally.”

Or this from Alan ­Gottlieb, head of the pro-gun 2nd Amendment Foundation: “There was nobody in that school allowed a firearm. I find that deplorable. I’m sure Lanza felt he could go in ­because no one had a gun.”

It’s insane. Insane to think teachers should be armed and insanity itself to try to explain the killer’s motives.

But it’s no more insane than the ­National Rifle Association’s claim that it’s the right to bear arms that makes this the Land of the Free.

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Dean Weingarten said...

It is insane to think that you can protect children from evil men with nice thoughts.