Sunday, December 09, 2012

UT:Good Samaritan attacked, shoots man

WEST JORDAN — What appeared to be a fight between a couple turned into a much more serious shooting after an armed neighbor apparently tried to intervene.

Police say a they were called to the shooting at about 1 a.m. A man was arguing with his girlfriend in a car just outside the Woodgate apartment complex at 3581 W. Cobble Ridge Drive.

As the argument got more heated, a man walking his dog passed by, saw the argument, and asked the female if she needed help, according to West Jordan officer J.C. Holt.

An ensuing argument between the two men quickly turned into a fight.

"It was apparent that there was quite a physical altercation between these two," Holt said.

The man walking his dog was armed with a handgun, and at some point during the fight the gun "came into play" and discharged, striking the other man in the hip, according to Holt. He said that the bullet just missed the femoral artery.

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