Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mr. President, We Have a Contract

Dear Mr. President,

You asked opponents of gun control to examine our consciences.

We have, and they’ve told us that we have nothing to do with madmen who slaughter innocents in schools, movie theaters and shopping malls.

They also tell us that nothing — not one thing — you and your supporters are proposing would have saved a single life in any of the massacres you claim are your motivation for limiting access to guns.

Further, our consciences impel us to point out that this rash of gun violence you and firearms opponents have said is sweeping the country is nothing of the sort, that violence nationwide has been declining for years even as gun ownership has gone up.

But mostly our consciences demand that we stand up for our God-given rights against the overreaching of small-minded men who want more power than they have been granted.

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