Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ted Nugent Promotes New 'Right to Carry' Campaign on Knife Rights

Guns, sure. But what about knives? Ted Nugent is coming to the rescue of knife owner rights.

The controversial rocker has teamed with gunmaker Wilson Combat to release a special edition Nugent-signature model 1911 handgun, sales of which will benefit the Knife Rights. It's just what the doctor ordered… if by doctor, you mean people who own knives and like handguns. With the recent highly-publicized knife attack on a Texas campus spurring both jokes and serious talk about "knife control," the Nugent partnership might be perfectly timed.

From the company's official statement: "Wilson Combat has donated a Ted Nugent authorized 'Signature' 1 of 2 customized 10mm CQB Elite pistol and a matching Ted Nugent Autographed Wilson Tactical Star-Light tactical folding knife for the Knife Rights 2013 Ultimate Steel Knives, Guns & More Spectacular!™ fundraiser."

No surprise that Wilson Combat also manufactures high-end titanium knives.

Knife Rights as an organization is a little bit of marketing genius, meant to fashion itself on the success that the National Rifle Assocation has had promoting gun rights.

Just as the NRA is an advocacy group that functions as a marker for the industry, Knife Rights promotes the interest of knife manufacturers while using concepts like "liberty" and "rights." By tying themselves to the fate of guns—as Knife Rights does—knife champions automatically carve out a mental space without the years of cultural development. Just take this recent statement on the Knife Rights' site: "Gun Bans Now, Knife Bans Next - The Time to Act is NOW!"

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