Thursday, April 11, 2013

They won’t ban your single-shot .22, right?

.22 rifles are, by definition, rifled. In quite a few countries, that’s subject to a higher level of restriction than smoothbores. 22LR round is fixed ammunition, and that is also more restricted compared to loosely loaded black powder guns. The key is “fixed ammunition”, not smokeless…the old single action “peacemaker” Colts would be too modern for those who want us disarmed. Looking at German gun control efforts of the 1920s, we see “liberals” trying to disarms the hardliners of both sides. A few short years later, the hardliners got in control of the enforcement mechanism and re-defined eligibility. Nazi gun control wasn’t all that onerous for the party supporters, but all others were severely restricted. Even sticks were considered prohibited weapons by 1938. American politicians followed the Nazi lead in exempting themselves from gun control laws.

Even without the accessories, this Little Badger would make gun-banners uneasy. It folds for storage. It has a threaded muzzle. It looks martial. That it’s a single-shot .22 wouldn’t stop them from making you ineligible to own it. The licensing scheme of New York City is the best illustration — they want to control who has any weapons at all, even a single-shot .22 rifle that would be considered a child’s learning tool in the rest of America.

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