Thursday, March 05, 2015

Video: John Lott and John Stossel - Debunking Bloomberg 6 minutes

This is an excellent video where John Lott appears on John Stossel's show, and debunk's claims made by Michael Bloomberg's organizations.  It is particularly effective in showing that media reports are often gross distortions of the facts.  The old media sometimes completely reverses reality in their reporting.

It is a good reference to link to when debating disarmists in the comments sections of various publications on the Internet.   People who are unwilling to accept facts or reason will simply ignore it, but most people do not have their minds made up.  They will consider the possibility that they are being lied to by the old media.  If they do the research, their doubts about the accuracy of dominant media reports will be confirmed.

Stossel shows clips from old media shows claiming that their is an "epidemic" of gun violence, then John Lott rebuts the claims.  Lott also shows that Bloomberg's organizations' claims are fabricated.  The video was done in October of 2014.   Worth watching, only a bit over six minutes long. 

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