Saturday, August 08, 2015

AL: Alabama City and Sheriff's Office remove Gun Restrictions

MOULTON — The city of Moulton and the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office have lifted firearms restrictions after receiving letters from the state attorney general saying the restrictions violated state law.

Both government entities have resolved the issues by lifting the bans after receiving redacted copies of the complaints and portions of Alabama law from Strange. The Alabama Department of Transportation also removed signs prohibiting the use of guns at state rest stops after a review conducted by Strange’s office. Strange said he decided not to file suit against the government entities because they are now complying with state law.

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Anonymous said...

Even in a staunchly 'pro-gun' state like Alabama [I'm a resident here], there exist misguided/evil individuals who want to violate the 2A - not to mention state LAW - "for the public safety'.

"Mayor Ray Alexander ... isn’t happy about the decision. "It’s a terrible mistake ... I don’t think guns should be allowed at the park"."

Translated: "I think MY city parks should be victim-disarmament killing fields".

Alexander is yet ANOTHER politician who I can't wait to get asystole.