Wednesday, August 12, 2015

AZ: Open Carry at Wells Fargo

I was helping a good friend who is in the process of ending a bad relationship.  He needed to do some business at a Wells Fargo bank.  I scanned the door, and did not see any signs forbidding firearms on the bank entrance.  I was openly carrying my Glock 17.  I went into the waiting area and sat down next to a couple of other customers.

I asked one of them to take my picture.  To my surprise, she asked "What are you doing, casing the place?"  I replied that if I were doing that, I would use my smart phone and make a video.  It would be far more informative, and no one would ever know.    She did not seem alarmed, or show any indication of leaving.  She thought, however, that taking pictures inside of a bank might be forbidden.

A bank member came out and stood a few feet from me.  I do not know if she noticed the pistol or not.   A customer asked her a question, and she replied.  It became obvious that I was not something she was concerned with.


My friend finished his bank business, and I had him take photo of me inside the lobby, next to the Wells Fargo sign.  Outside the bank, I noticed an AZDOT (Arizona Department of Transportation) notice with a 2016 motor vehicle sticker inside.  It had tire tracks on the outside, but the address was clear.   I dropped it off in a post office box.

Some banks in Arizona choose to create nominal "gun free zones".  As a private business, it is their choice.  I was happy to observe that Wells Fargo is not one of them.

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mrlocksmith said...

In Parhump NV, People open carry all the time I see them going about their daily business in the normal places including banks. It is legal to do as long as it is not concealed and that you are already allowed to own a firearm.