Sunday, August 02, 2015

Bloomberg Funded Anti-Second Amendment Site Comes Online

Michael Bloomberg has a lot of money to spend to work at restricting Americans right to keep and bear arms.  One of the latest projects is an online publication called "The Trace".  The Washington Examiner says both the New York's "Capital" and the NRA agree that the site's purpose is to push Bloomberg's views.  From
The National Rifle Association doesn't buy it. "This project is yet another illustration of Bloomberg's ego-driven zeal to control other Americans and diminish not just their rights, but their access to reliable information about their rights," its lobbying shop said.
In the only story about The Trace, New York's "Capital" said the site will be the editorial arm of Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Safety. The group draws attention to gun violence, builds protests against organizations and companies that don't ban guns in stores, and promotes background checks.
The Trace recently ran a story on how many times people have been prevented from immediately buying firearms at a federally licensed dealer since the system went into effect in 1998.   The total number of denials is about 1.2 million.

The Trace fails to mention that large numbers of these denials are false positives that prevent people who have the right to bear arms from doing so.   Routinely, more than 99% of those denied are never prosecuted for attempting to purchase a firearm illegally (remember all those false positives).   They never mention that we do not know how many of the denials are multiple denials to the same people. 

Here are some numbers from a news story on NICS denials.   MyFoxTampa reports: 

The law requires licensed gun dealers to check with law enforcement before making a sale, which in this state is the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The goal is to prevent felons -- and people who don't qualify -- from getting their hands on a gun and it's a federal crime if they even try.
But how often is the law enforced?

"Virtually no one is arrested and convicted of attempts to illegally buy a gun in a gun store," stated Gary Kleck, a professor of criminology at Florida State who's done extensive research on gun control laws.

FOX 13 took a look at the numbers across the nation and in the Tampa Bay Area. The most recent figures from the Department of Justice show there were more than 76,142 denials in 2010.

But just 62 cases were referred for prosecution and only 13 resulted in a guilty verdict or plea.
62 cases out of 76,142 denials is .08 percent.

What is the point of a background check apparatus, if only a minuscule percentage of people who are denied are prosecuted?  Could it be that the vast majority of those denied are no danger to the public or themselves?  That seems the most likely explanation.  If so, then we are denying hundreds of thousands of peoples' Constitutional rights for no good reason.

Pushing that agenda is about what you would expect of a Bloomberg propaganda apparatus.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Doesn't he and that California idiot ever hear of long range sniper shot?
I'm smart enough not to try it, but some crazies are not!

Anonymous said...

Answer me this question. How does BATFE get the authority to make regulations and enforce them as laws. the constitution requires all laws to originate in congress. Congress has no authority to make laws concerning the second amendment. SHALL NOT INGRINGE. Congress can not create an agency to do the infringing for them. any gun related law or regulation is an infringement by definition. The tenth amendment forces the individual states to honor the constitution and everything in it which includes SHALL NOT INFRINGE. there can not be any valid state laws that infringe on the wording of the second amendment. The 26 words of the second amendment are very clearly stated in plain English. The tenth amendment states that anything covered in the US constitution can not be addressed by the individual state constitutions. anything not covered by the federal constitution is left up to the states or the citizens. The federal register is unconstitutional The only way to change the wording in the constitution is by a properly ratified amendment. Laws, acts and regulations are not amendments. they have no more power than my opinion of life on mars. The specific words must be written down in the constitutions or they do not exist. opinions are not written law.

Anonymous said...

the only respectful reply to 'bloomie' and his minions is...GO FUCK YOURSELVES.....imho