Monday, August 03, 2015

Desperate Los Angeles Bans 'High Capacity' Magazines

The Los Angeles City Council voted 12-0 Tuesday approving a city-wide ban on the possession of so-called “high-capacity” gun magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. That would be a standard capacity on even many small handguns.

The councilman who wrote the ordinance, Paul Krekorian, said, “Mass shootings have become so endemic that we can all recite a litany of places where they have occurred: Columbine, Isla Vista, Chattanooga — they’ve become part of lexicon. We’ve become desperate to find some solution to the destabilizing effect of the fact that we have to fear these sorts of mass killings.”

Desperate indeed. As gun blogger Nick Leghorn notes, the measure that gives lawful gun owners 60 days to give up their lawfully purchased property tramples on the Fourth Amendment and, we might add, possibly the Fifth — not to mention the Second.

While city council members pat themselves on the back for “closing a loophole” on any gun owner in the city’s zip codes, they might want to look cross country to New York, where the state’s similar magazine ban was recently ruled unconstitutional.


Anonymous said...

What stops someone from carrying three or four weapons with 10 round magazines? What stops some one from carrying 15 10 round magazines? One box of ammo usually has 50 rounds in it. Are they going to start selling ammo by the single round? I keep 8,000 primers for different calibers. primers are sold with 100 in a box. If they stop selling the different reloading smokeless powder well anyone can make black power. If you use a flint lock you don't even need a primer or cap. Well drilling steel shafting is almost perfect for making gun barrels out of, rear car axles can be used for barrels. Guns were originally made using a horse shoe forge. Do they really think they can ever get all of the guns? where there is a will there is a way. it only takes one well placed shot to get a better gun and better ammo. Even if that shot is from a bow and an arrow. there is not a military armored vehicle that can not be stopped with enough fire or even poison gas. anyone can make thermite and melt a tank. How long does it take to turn nails into iron powder and file down some aluminum powder. do you have some white Karo surip some moth balls and some ammonia, stove top C-3. If they take all of the guns we will just take them back. the proof is in our history it only takes one shot to start a war.

Bret Bingham said...

Please note the Isla Vista shooter used only 10 rd magazines... So how can he cite that as an example? Oh wait, I'm looking at this much too logically. -Bret from CA