Monday, August 10, 2015

KY: Man Chases Burglars a Block, Shoots one

The shooter is being charged with murder

Officers say Deontae Yarnell found two men in his home just after midnight. He told police that he chased them out of his house while shooting at them for about one block.

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Anonymous said...

So then, every time our troops are attacked while sleeping, the moment they give chase to their attackers they exit the self defense arena and enter the "murderer" arena, right? I am positive that Fudds will now come out of the woodwork to claim that "you, you, you just can't chase people down the street" etc etc and "that isn't self defense at that point". ENOUGH!

Why are we forced to stop trying to defend ourselves simply because an attacker, an obvious aggressor, flees? It is as if the act of fleeing somehow negates or even absolves the aggressors from the act they just committed! It really is quite a ridiculous notion to claim the threat is "over" when an attacker flees. Why are we forced to afford aggressors the opportunity to regroup and attack again (this time better prepared)? So some armchair quarterbacks "feel" better?

To be sure, when one gives chase to an aggressor, they must take care in discharging their firearms - but then, it IS the aggressor they are targeting, not anyone else.

I am just sick of the idiocy. I am sick of Americans being charged with crimes just because they dare exercise their rights to keep and to bear arms. This anger goes way beyond guns, it goes far deeper and way beyond that. What is demonstrated by these chargings is the simple reality that government is disregarding its established boundaries. It is ignoring its limitations. And if it will do so regarding these rights, what makes anyone think it will stop at any other boundary? The truth is those operating government won't stop at any boundary.

This notion that someone has to stop once an aggressor flees means an innocent person must hide within their private property lines, scared, waiting for the assailants to return. It is pure foolishness. A Citizen has every right to hunt down someone who broke into their house and attempted to harm them, making a citizens arrest upon capture. No, this is not to say an arbitrary death sentence isn't what I am advocating, but this "charged with murder or sttempted murder" because they gave chase is pure idiocy. It is a means to make people FEAR the exercise of their rights! This madness must be stopped.