Wednesday, August 12, 2015

MO: Oathkeepers in Ferguson 2015

 Oathkeeper protecting local businesses in Ferguson MO, 2014

The far left Southern Poverty Law Center has smeared the Oathkeepers as "fiercely anti-government" when in fact the core reason of the Oathkeepers is to protect Constitutional Government.  Last year the Oathkeepers helped to protect private property and innocent people in Ferguson.  Not surprisingly, politicians who wanted to divide the races were not happy about it.

Patricia Bynes, Democratic Committeewoman of Ferguson Township, went to check on the protests early Tuesday and was surprised to find the Oath Keepers amid a heavy police presence.

"They just showed up, walking around carrying their assault rifles," she told NBC News. "There really was no need."

Bynes said the Oath Keepers' presence detracted from the real issues at heart: racial inequality.

"I would rather the story be on things we're working on in Ferguson and not the Oath Keepers," she said. 
A Washington post article details the relief that business people felt when oathkeepers were there last November, to protect private property from looting and arson.  From
“When they’re here, there’s definitely a weight lifted off of our shoulders,” Davis Vo, whose family owns a local restaurant, told the New York Times, when discussing the Oath Keepers in November. “I’d be lying if I said otherwise.”
Oathkeepers were in Ferguson to protect the same businesses that they protected last year during the riots, when outside agitators  brought violence to the city.  From
The Oath Keepers went to Ferguson on their own without consulting with Infowars.

This was confirmed by Infowars reporter Joe Biggs from Ferguson this morning. He said the Oath Keepers arrived in Ferguson to assist business owners and residents protect their property from looters and arsonists.
You can see that the new media is gaining ground, as the Washington Post links to several YouTube videos from Infowars to show Oathkeeper interactions with locals. 

Link to video

The Oathkeepers are not following the leftist/progressive/old media script, but explain to black protesters that it is crooked politicians that are stealing from them, and that the citizenry needs to come together, instead of being divided by the political establishment. 

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The stories and report on MSN are disgustingly biased and incompetent. I think Oath Keepers needs to demand a retraction.

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ARE You sure they are ASSUALT weapons woman?? I notice none attacked the, wonder why??