Sunday, August 02, 2015

Petition to Honor Chattanooga Marine and Commander who used personal Arms started

Here is what I predicted a week ago:

I can see the calls for commendations rising.  They are already in the comments section.  It will not be long before a political candidate will recognize that the desire to recognize the bravery of these men will resonate with the electorate.  It will not be President Obama who firsts suggests it.  My bet is that it will be Donald Trump.
From the
A petiton was posted at the ‘We the People’ site at the White House this week asking President Barack Obama to honor Navy officer Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White and others who used their personal firearms to return fire against the Islamist terrorist who attacked two military offices in Chattanooga, Tennessee last month. Five servicemen were shot and killed, one servicemen and one policeman were wounded by the terrorist who was also killed. It has not been determined whose firearms killed the terrorist, Palestinian-American Muhammad Abdulazeez.
 Here is a link to the petition.   It needs 100,000 signatures by August 28th.

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Anonymous said...

The Commander should request a jury trial. His attorney should explain to the jury that it is within their power to nullify the law and find the commander NOT Guilty. Therefore, it matters not what the Navy says regarding the law and this and that and pop goes the weasel. THE JURY FINDS THE LAW INVALID AND THAT WRAPS IT UP IN SECONDS!