Sunday, August 09, 2015

TX: SpaceX Worker and Former Marine Stops Invasion with Gunfire

He said when he looked through the peep hole in the door, he saw a man standing at his door, and against his better judgment, opened the door.

As he did, a second man ran around the corner of the house and toward the door with a gun in his hand, Walters said.

Walters slammed the front door and fired his weapon six times through the door.

Police believe no one was hit by the gunfire, Devlin said.

The two would-be intruders ran from the house in an unknown direction.

Devlin said officers are working to try to identify suspects in the incident. Walters, who works at SpaceX, would not give details about his military service.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Shooting through the door wouldn't work here, the door is an inch and a 1/2 solid hard core door.

Not the hollow junk on the inside.