Friday, January 08, 2016

DGU of the Day 65-Year-Old 104 lb, 4-11" Woman Stops Attack

Michael Bontaites  MPD

A line that has been bandied about for at least 40 years is: God did not make men and women equal.  Colonel Colt did.  That seems particularly appropriate for this case out of New Hampshire, where a diminutive woman who is old enough to qualify for Social Insecurity used her handgun to protect herself.  Situational awareness and the willingness to act were a combination that spelled bad news for the attacker, who was less than half her age and nearly twice her size. From
The woman, who is described as 4-foot-11 inches tall and 105 pounds, was in fear for her safety, police said, so she drew her concealed handgun and shot Bontaites in the upper chest.

The woman, who has a valid concealed carry gun permit, fired one round to stop the attack before seeking a safe zone inside of the building. Bontaites, who is 5-foot-11 and 200 pounds, fell to the ground as she ran into the secured building and contacted the Manchester Police Department through the emergency 911 phone line.
Michael Bontaites is in the hospital after being shot in the chest.  He is alleged to have followed the woman from a gas station, then hurriedly approaching her before she could enter her apartment.   He was attempting to grab her when she shot him.   The police have charged him with Robbery.

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