Friday, January 15, 2016

DGU of the day: T-Mobile Clerk in Chicago wins Gunfight Against two Robbery Suspects

A Chicago T-Mobile clerk won a gunfight with two would be robbers on 13 January, 2016.  The gunfight happened on the far South side, after the robbers displayed handguns as they entered.  Neighbors said that the store had been robbed several times previously.  The armed clerk has not been named.  He hit both suspects multiple times.  The suspects are in the hospital.  The store is locally owned. 

It has been reported that T-Mobile corporate has no legal influence on store policies about employees carrying firearms.  Neil Tadros is the district manager for T-Mobile. From
The employee shot both of the suspects, but they fled the store, got in a car and drove themselves to the hospital, Tadros said. At the time the suspects brandished weapons, employees acted, “pretty much to protect themselves when guns are drawn at them,” Tadros said.

“Thank God for concealed carry.”
T-Mobile prohibits the carry of firearms in its "Supplier Code of Conduct(pdf)":
 Prohibit carrying or transporting handguns, firearms or other legally controlled or prohibited weapons of any kind that are not required for job performance on T-Mobile leased or owned property;
Quoting the famous song "On the South side of Chicago, in the badest part of town", maybe carrying handguns is required for job performance, or maybe it should be. 

I suspect that the losers of the gunfight will not be suing the store for false advertising, according to the sign on the store-front window.

The store owner should know that legal concealed carriers would be allies and assets. From the Chicago Tribune:
Tadros said he hopes allowing employees to have weapons with a concealed carry license will be a deterrent.

“A lot of people think they can go out and rob people without anyone defending themselves,” Tadros said. “It’s a great thing to have to protect yourself even when you’re not in your business. If you’re out in the streets and someone is threatening your life, you can go out and protect yourself."
Perhaps the store management will consider changing the "NO CONCEALED WEAPONS' sign to "LEGAL CONCEALED CARRY WELCOME".

The management will receive many congratulatory phone calls for their enlightened policy of encouraging armed employees. The  T-Mobile store is located at 2051 E 95th St, Chicago, IL 60617-4712.  Their phone number is 773-902-2181.  I heard a "memory is full" message when I attempted to call.  Maybe snail-mail would be worth a note.

Aren't their customer's lives as valuable as their employees'?

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Wireless.Phil said...

I don't care what their policy is when it is my life.
One can always get another job!