Friday, February 05, 2016

WI: Governor Walker Signs Gun Reform AB13 4 February, 2016

AB13 is an incremental improvement that establishes a timeline for firearms owners to have their property returned.  From
Assembly Bill 13 – intends to return property to owners who have been cleared of charges relating to the seizure of a firearm or ammunition. The bill creates a timeline for this process to ensure individuals will no longer be subject to long wait times for the return of their property. Authored by Representative Daniel Knodl (R – Germantown) and Senator Stephen Nass (R – Whitewater), the bill passed the Assembly on a voice vote and was concurred by the Senate on a voice vote. It is Act 141.
 Governor Walker signed the bill into law on 4 February, 2016.  It will take effect a day after being published, which should occur on Friday or Monday of next week.

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Wireless.Phil said...

"firearm or ammunition"?
Shouldn't it be firearm(s) and ammunition?

Anonymous said...

Folks gotta hand it to Wisconsin in deed. And I would like to point out WHY these things are happening in Wisconsin. Remember now, Wisconsin was among the LAST to concede that carriage is a right and it really does apply to state government. Ever since some very courageous open carriers stood up to corrupt government, there has been an AMAZING leapfrogging over many other states in their gun laws. This is not limited to carriage either, as this move here demonstrates. What we are witnessing is AWESOME and the right thing to do - to have the legislature look at current SCOTUS precedent and bring its laws in line with precedent is how it is SUPPOSED to work.

But let's be HONEST here, and examine WHY it is being done also.

Gun Grabbing democrats have NOT absolutely NOT had some change of heart, some relenting to the Constitution, all of a sudden. The real deal is far more nefarious. After everything from Failed Recalls to John Doe investigations that were politically motivated, to the occupation of the Capital (Nobody got shot there like LaVoy got shot) the Democrats git their hinds ends handed to them, up to and including right to work advancements made.

In order to stop the bleeding, the Democrats have dropped gun control from their political schemes. They KNOW gun control only harms their election possibilities so they systematically taking gun control out of the lexicon in Wisconsin. Indeed, CERTAIN policy decisions are being REMOVED from the table of debate. Imagine that. Adhering to the Constitution really does WORK! But do not be fooled! Every bit of this is being done as a matter OF authority - not a relinquishing it. There is a difference. Make no mistake, if they come back to power, they will USE this same power to impose more gun control, so do not be fooled into thinking gun control is no longer in their minds. It remains, just under the radar (gee where did I hear that one?)