Tuesday, March 01, 2016

More Details on NC: Gunfight with a Burglar in Henderson County

“Then he pulled a gun on me, which happened to be my gun, that he got from under my bed,” he said. “So I knew it was loaded. And he stuck it in the car window and was backing up and he said, ‘I’ll shoot you. I’ll shoot you.’ And then he run around behind the car and headed out the driveway.”
In a very short time, King had gone from mildly puzzled to concerned to outraged. He did not like being threatened with his own gun.
“By the time I got out of my car and got my gun I just pointed in the direction he went and unloaded the damn thing toward him. Of course, he’d take a whole lot more now, because there’s 16 in this one,” he said, patting a silver-handled 9-mm Smith & Wesson holstered on his right hip. “We found three empty hulls on top of the car. I think I shot four times, and he shot one time. I don’t know what he was a’shootin’ at. I guess at me.”
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