Sunday, June 05, 2016

Katie Couric’s Anti-Gun Producers Repeatedly Violated Federal Gun Laws

As we have seen before, laws are for the "little people".

Katie, get your gun lawyer.

By now you’ve probably heard about Katie Couric’s new anti-gun documentary “Under The Gun,” and how her producer doctored video of interviews with gun owners in order to make them look stupid and heartless. Couric’s producer and director, Stephanie Soechtig, admitted to doctoring the video, and Couric herself kinda sorta apologized for it.

But that’s not the worst thing that happened with the making of this documentary. It turns out that Couric’s production team deliberately conspired to violate federal gun laws. According to video obtained by Ammoland, a shooting sports news website, one of Couric’s producers deliberately committed at least four separate felonies by purchasing four separate firearms across state lines without a background check.


Anonymous said...

I've read this article several times and I'm still confused. Did the person who bought the 4 guns buy them from a FFL dealer or from a private seller? I think since he bought them from a car trunk in a Wendy's parking lot that he wasn't getting them from a FFL holder, but maybe they do things differently in Arizona.


Anonymous said...

I just love the limited Arizona gun laws. what is wrong with buying guns from the trunk of a care if you get a bill of sale? Make a private sale at the gun show from the top of a table or a car trunk. It is legal to sell what belongs to you.