Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson Throws Gift Gun in Garbage

At Liberty Hangout, an article has detailed a boorish, foolish, insensitive, and careless action by the Libertarian candidate for President, former New Mexico Governor, Gary Johnson.

The nomination was strongly contested by two other candidates, Austin Petersen and John McAfee.  Austin Petersen came in second, John McAfee came in third.  When Johnson won the nomination, Austin Peterson pledged his support, and he did so with a dramatic flourish.  From
 As a token of good faith, Austin gave Johnson a replica of George Washington’s flintlock pistol, to let him know that he has Austin’s full support in the general election. Tearing up on the front stage of the convention floor, Austin said to Gary as he presented him with the pistol, “You have my sword, and you have my gun.”
In a video, Austin Petersen  explains that the gun is a prized possession, and that he is giving it to Gary Johnson.  The pistol is a flintlock replica of one of George Washington's guns.  It thus has multiple symbolic meanings to Second Amendment supporters.  It represents liberty, limited government, the Second Amendment, and the Constitution that George Washington helped to write.

It was a dramatic bit of political theater.

The Libertarian Presidential candidate, Johnson threw it in the trash. The pistol, as part of a matched pair of firing replicas, sells for about $2,500. Non-firing replicas go for about $86. It is not clear if the pistol was capable of firing or not.

Whichever version of the pistol was thrown in the trash, it shows a severe lack of judgement on the Johnson campaign. The discarding of the pistol was witnessed, the pistol was recovered, and returned to Austin Peterson. The Johnson campaign has been reported as offering $500 for its return. From
Update: Two sources close to Petersen’s campaign have verified that on May 30th 2016, a representative from Johnson’s campaign reached out to a group of Petersen volunteers to attempt to extend an offer of $500 in exchange for the discarded pistol. Johnson’s campaign has not offered an official comment on the matter.

Libertarians have traditionally been strong Second Amendment supporters. Gary Johnson risked alienating a large segment of potential voters, voters that Hilary Clinton disdains, and voters that Donald Trump has been vigorously courting.

My suspicion is that the pistol thrown in the trash was a non-firing replica. If you look at the metal work on the grip, it is not inletted with precision. The back of the trigger shows an apparent mold line. Even Gary Johnson, who does not own any guns, would not be irresponsible enough to throw out a thousand dollar work of firearms art.

But Johnson, in throwing out the pistol, shows a disregard for the realities of politics. The action when viewed in comparison to Trump and Clinton, makes Trump appear a genius and Clinton almost competent.

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Anonymous said...

The action in comparison provided exactly the effect it was meant to!
We cannot have people thinking that they can or should vote outside the two 'major' parties, now can we?

Remember, nothing happens in politics by accident.

Dean Weingarten said...

So you are saying that Gary Johnson threw the pistol in the trash in order to discredit himself?

That seems quite a stretch.

Third parties work very well in the United States, as spoilers. Perhaps the most easily remembered is the Perot Campaign, that cost George Bush re-election in 1992. Or, further back, the Teddy Roosevelt campaign and the Bull Moose Party that put Woodrow Wilson in the White House. But there have been a number of campaigns where Libertarian candidates acted as spoilers for Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Oh hogwash. Bush LOST because he said no new taxes and then signed new and increased taxation. Period. Trying to blame perot is a cop out.

I am saying Johnson is just as much a fraud as Hillary and Trump and hey Bernie too. Johnson is the Liberaltarian placed to make sure that Americans do not abandon the democrat versus republican false choice presented.

Johnson didn't commit this act trying to tank himself, he is just another in a long line who doesn't believe the things he says and never even thought a thing about it in the moment - because he doesn't care. That item and the meaning contained in giving it to him meant exactly zero to him and he tossed it aside because of it.

Johnson's tell, for me, was when he talked about your kids had better get to learning mandarin. Yeah, bow biatches.....that was his attitude! Do not fight for your country, even your language, just bow to the chinese. Sounds pretty much like democrats who say your kids better learn spanish huh? See it yet?

Johnson is a plant, just as the organized liberaltarian party has always been itself.

You kid yourself if you think the dems and pubs are two different parties. They are just two wings of the same uniparty, and the same controllers pulling the puppet strings for them pull those for the liberaltarian party as well. It is all just a sick game to them at that level. Saddest is that people still refuse to listen to the wisdom of George Washington regarding political faction. This problem is not new... it has been a known known for the entire duration of this nation. It is just that people choose to deny it, pretend it isn't the problem that it so self evidently is.

Parties are the problem, brother, the Republican party included.

Anonymous said...

Use the intelligence the creator gave us. vote for the platform of the candidate and hold him accountable. Trump has the best plat form. Now all we have to do is force him to see it through. We can make America great again it just depends on how we do it. a considerable amount of hangings maybe required. I have been stock piling supplies for several years. If Trump does not fix the problems then we will have to. I may be old but I think I know what needs to be done and the way to achieve it. If the military dose not take appropriate action. then the patriots have to. Be very careful of what patriots you follow. If martial law should be declared, there are some serious choices to be make. know the constitution and demand it be enforced as written. anyone not upholding the constitution does so at heir own risk. There will be a major clean up required. The time for choosing sides is very near. fence sitters are a good target from either side. What I believe is coming is going to decide this nations future for a very long time. Christian patriots can save this nation. Good Christians may be severely out numbered, make your shots count. Small groups make the best guerillas. Setting up a good ambush is an art. we all have to be come good artists. No time for trials for traitors. the clean up is going to be messy, Do you want your country and your constitution back? Then be prepared to do what it requires. I may not live long enough to see the results. but I will get my share. send the traitors to hell where they belong.