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MS: Child with AK47 Defends Home against Armed Invader

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In Byram Mississippi, on 1 June, at about 3 p.m., a minor was at home.  He called his father to report a possible home invasion.  A neighbor gave this account. From
"Daddy armed him in case he was ever by himself," neighbor Rick Waltz said. "Daddy was at work and he got a call that said, 'It sounds like somebody is in the house. More than one.' Like any parent would do, he said, 'Get your gun and protect yourself if you have to.' Somewhere along the line they met up, and one will not be going home tonight."
The rifle that the father had armed his son with is reported to be one of the numerous semi-automatic clones of the famous AK47.  They are an excellent choice for home defense. While they are not capable of automatic fire like the military versions used by many countries, many attributes useful for home defense exist in both versions. 

They have good handling qualities. Their overall length and pistol grip allow them to be more easily maneuvred inside buildings, and make it easier to prevent a disarm by an assailant. They are light, do not recoil a great deal, and have good ammunition capacity. In rural or semi-rural locations, such as in this case, over penetration is less of a problem.  Because they are so well known, they have excellent deterrent value. In this instance, the deterrent value was not sufficient. From
During the course of the investigation, police determined that Reed had conspired with the victim immediately prior to the incident to rob the resident at the home.

Police said the incident unfolded quickly. When the teen who lived at the home saw the alleged intruder, he shot him once with an AK-47. It appears the bullet went into the victim's hand, traveled up his arm and into his chest cavity. Only one shot is believed to have been fired.

There was no forced entry, Thompson said, and there wasn't a vehicle in the area connected with the victim.
The dead man has been reported as being armed with a handgun. We can speculate that the hand that was shot was holding that handgun, but without the coroner’s report, we cannot know for certain. The man charged, Samuel Reed, is 18 years old. The invader who was shot has been identified as Cameron Jackson, also18 years old.  The victim who defended his home is believed to be a teenager. His name has not been released.

Weapons that are used to defend homes are seldom identified in news reports.  It is likely that this instance will be added to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports as a homicide with a rifle.

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John Dough said...

We have a report that the unidentified victim is 17 years old, and was not identified by police due to his age. I can find this information, but choose not to.

Anonymous said...

If this had happened in California, Attorney General Kamala Harris would have determined that the parent should be charged with a crime.

Anonymous said...

Are they referring to the one shot as the victimif so why?