Saturday, June 04, 2016

TX: Electrician uses .45 to Recover Stolen Tools

I disagree with Mr. Jackson "that it was his own fault" for not locking up his property.   I lived in a society where locking everything up was not required.  There are still such places in the United States.

"I hit my brakes," Jackson recalled. "They fell right in line like they were guilty. I hit my reverse lights, and it just played out. I pulled in with my .45, and I got their attention."

Jackson held the suspects at gunpoint until police arrived.

"'Bring me my tools, and you can go ahead and have a seat. Your rescue is on the way,'" Jackson recalled telling the thieves. "And I meant it. I didn't have any intention on using it. I just wanted their attention."

"We have been familiar with the subjects in the past," said Chief Phillips. "We're not looking at any charges with the displaying of the firearm. He was lawfully making an attempt to recover his property."
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