Saturday, July 09, 2016

Dallas Police Ambush was Domestic Racist Terror Attack

Let us call this ambush in Dallas what it is.  A domestic racist terror attack aimed at white people and white police. From
One of the suspects in the ambush-style shootings in Dallas that left five police officers dead overnight told a hostage negotiator he was upset about the recent police shootings of two black men and he wanted to kill white people, especially cops, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said at a news conference this morning. 
Seven hours after the first shots, last suspect was shot and killed.
The groundwork for this sort of attack has been laid by the Obama administration over the last seven and a half years.  The Obama administration has been quick to fan the flames of anti-white racism in the black community.

The Obama administration has been quick to blame racism for incidents that later turned out to be completely justified and unrelated to racism.  When proven wrong, they have never retracted their statements or backed off of them.

When has the Obama administration apologized to Darren Wilson, the white police officer who was totally vindicated in the Ferguson shooting of Michael Brown?

The Obama administration never apologized for their characterization of George Zimmerman, who was totally exonerated in a court of law, with the deck stacked against him by the Obama administration and their allies in the old media.  Zimmerman is of mixed race heritage.  The Obama administration could have stated that he was found not guilty and that continued attacks against him were shameful.  They tacitly encouraged the verbal assaults.  No arrests were ever made of the people who made death threats against Zimmerman.  A bounty was placed on George Zimmerman's head by the New Black Panthers. President Obama remained silent.

This administration has allied itself with Black Lives Matter, a radical anti-police, anti-white, racist group that has been repeatedly associated with calls for violence against the police.  Representatives of Black Lives Matter have been invited to the White House numerous times. To Black Lives Matter, white lives do not matter.  It is a virulently racist organization.

The Obama administration is famous for its "apology tour" around the world, blaming the United States and previous white presidents for the ills of the world.  That show of weakness has resulted in the strengthening of our enemies all over the globe.

A similar situation has been created in the black racist community with the way Black Lives Matter has been coddled and approved of by this administration, no matter how racist they have been, no matter how vociferously they have chanted for the deaths of police.

At every opportunity, the Obama administration has blamed the United States and white people for the percieved injustices of the world.

It has been quick to blame Second Amendment supporters and the NRA as each terrorist attack has occurred.  I predict that the domestic, racist, terror attack against police officers in Dallas will be used as an excuse to push for more  infringements on the Second Amendment and to attack the NRA.  It will be used to  attack due process and the Bill of Rights. It will be used as a crisis to further the Obama administration's agenda.

President Obama piously intones that he is disgusted by the ambush that took five innocent police lives and wounded several others.  He need only look in the mirror to find someone to blame.

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Wireless.Phil said...

The idiot news media has already run it into the ground, it was even on early this morning.

Expect to hear about it for at least another month along with the anti-gun BS!

Dallas suspect said he wanted to kill whites

Suspect in overnight attack that killed five police officers made comments before dying in standoff

Anonymous said...

I am almost as white as anyone can get. I have been assaulted by white police to the point that I could have been killed In like manor to many of the recent black deaths. Frankly I have hoped someone would start fighting back and take down some of the assholes in uniform and let them know we are damn tired of their behavior and will when necessary take appropriate action. these trigger happy cops need to be taken off the streets and it will be the last effort to make the law enforcement officers wake up to just how disgusting their behavior is. Yes being a cops is a dangerous job. if you are too damned ignorant to understand that you will face danger every day then you do not belong in uniform. and a damned uniform Is not a license to kill. I could have been killed in a very similar situation. through the years I have personally seen numerous death by cop incidents. the cowards cause them to happen far too often. Ask your self why would a citation for a broken tail light be a reason to draw a weapon? when asked for identification you have to reach for where that identification is to produce it. until a weapon is pulled in a threatening manor there is absolutely no reason to pull a defensive weapon or to fire without seeing a weapon. frankly I hope they fry everyone of these killer cops to send a message to the rest. If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen. this nation is full of cowards and most of them are cops. it is about time the people started standing up to them. I am a witness that skin color has nothing to do with these kinds of incidents. what precipitates these incidents is disgustingly piss poor cops. I hate to see anyone killed for no reason Just being what is a modern day cop is becoming a very good reason, My experience was way back in 1985 so I know this has been going on for a very long time. ever notice how any one that shoots a cop never gets to trial? If the bastards can not get a shot at you they will burn the buildings down around you. dead people tell no lies. then the cops can make up any story they want. fuck the worthless bastards, I'll take care of protecting myself the cops can stay away. If they do not bother me I have no reason to bother them. I have known some very good cops but the rest are pure trash.