Friday, July 08, 2016

Guam: 25-Year-Old arrested (potential self defense)

A 25-year-old man has been arrested for attempted murder for a shooting that occurred at his home. The shooting occurred just before three o'clock Saturday afternoon at a home along Nevermind Road in Dededo.
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From the comments:

This man was defending himself and his family. Mailo Atonis was clearly the agressor.


Anonymous said...

OK so someone is at your home, you defend yourself from the aggressor who is at your home and you get arrested - and charged like THAT? Maybe police know this cat to be a troublemaker, but you know what? Everyone has a right to defend themselves and it has to be default that when at home, another who is not a resident is the aggressor. What, he invited someone to his home to try to kill them negligently? Really?

This one smells bad for LEO. Indeed, this is the kind of thing that gives LEO a bad name. Hopefully truth comes out, whatever it is, and the right thing is done here.

Anonymous said...

My question would be how many of those unsolved crimes/murders are unsolved because the cops killed them?