Friday, July 08, 2016

MI: Shooting at Car Wash may have been Self Defense

MT. MORRIS TWP. MI – Police are working to determine if the shooting death of a 17-year-old outside a car wash was self-defense.

Alerio Wilson was shot to death on June 27 outside a car wash and gas station at Pierson Road and Pierson Place in Mt. Morris Township.
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Anonymous said...

I point to this reality, at least the possibility of it, when people talk about the Chicago killings. How many, what number, of those "unsolved" killings aren't murder at all, even though they are treated as if they are? What if the real deal in Chicago is that the majority of the "open" and "unsolved" cases are left that way because those who can and do know what really happened know it is just plain old self defense?

That certainly wouldn't play well for the gun control meme, now would it?
Maybe it is time to pose these questions, and encourage these folks to make their case - that what they did was indeed self defense - oh and let's defend them in cases where it is self matter their color or how it effects politics.

I contend a lot of cases are just like this one seems to be turning out to be - just a matter of self defense exercised. The trouble is that people believe the justice system will screw them, so they hide rather than stand up and declare their innocence. If this cat was just defending himself, I hope he stands tall and defends his actions as a simple exercise of his right to life and to use arms he has a right to to do so.