Wednesday, July 13, 2016

MI: Chief Craig Hosts Gun Safety Event in Detroit


On July 11, 2016, the Detroit Police Department teamed up with the National Shooting Sports Association (NSSA) to promote gun safety in Detroit.  Chief Craig was in attendance.  The goal was to prevent accidents with guns, especially accidents involving children.From

Detroit Police Chief James Craig will be joined by the National Shooting Sports Foundation later today where they'll be talking about firearm safety and proper storage and misuse of guns.

The goal here is to promote the safe use of any firearm and help the community by handing out gun locks and information.

Chief Craig has been at the forefront of urban police chiefs championing armed self defense for his city.  Detroit stands out as a city where urban violence has not spiked, as it has in Milwaukee, Chicago, and Baltimore.

It is important to keep small children from accessing loaded firearms.  Chief Craig is not pushing for firearms to be unavailable for self defense.  He is not pushing for mandatory storage laws, such as have been passed in San Francisco, and which were struck down in the Supreme Court with the Heller decision.

There is a fundamental difference between pushing a voluntary action for the purposes of safety, and mandating it as a matter of public policy.

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Wireless.Phil said...

In all the gun shows I've been to around the country, I have never seen offered for sale "Armor Piercing rounds"!

Except the false Teflon bullets that don't pierce armor anyway.

Biden sets sights on restricting sale of armor-piercing bullets

CBS News-16 hours ago

He addressed the fact that the administration has yet to be able to restrict the sale of armor-piercing rounds through the bureau of Alcohol, ...

CBS Anchor Demands Executive Action on 'Armor Piercing Bullets'
NewsBusters (blog)-11 hours ago

Anonymous said...

Your closing statement is worth repeating, over and over. Indeed, there is a fundamental difference. One is a delegated power of government, promoting the general welfare, advising the Citizenry of smart actions and safe precautionary actions is a wonderful thing, mandating them is another thing altogether.

As I have said for many years, the ATF is fine so long as it is advisory in nature. It becomes an entity of infringement the instant it attempts to impose rules and punish those who rebuff what can only legitimately be suggestions from their cubicles.