Wednesday, July 13, 2016

TX: Home Invasion, Attempted Disarm, Suspect and Resident Wounded

Sgt. Edward Rodriguez said one of the roommates wrestled the suspect to the ground, but the man was able to shoot one of the residents through the leg. The victim, a man his mid-20's, was taken to a nearby hospital by his roommate. His injuries don't appear to be life threatening, Rodriguez said.

The second roommate grabbed his gun and fired multiple times at the suspect, who ran down the staircase and out of the back patio door, and jumped the fence. Rodriguez said he sustained several gunshot wounds. Police recovered the suspect's gun, which he dropped on the ground while running from the scene.

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Anonymous said...

This is how bad habits get started. You do not need a lock on an empty gun and if your gun is loaded it should be under your control. responsible parents teach their children at a very early age that guns are dangerous. Good parents have loving and respectful children. the other category includes everyone else. stupid, irresponsible, incompetent and worthless, todays society standard.