Monday, September 05, 2016

KY: 16-Year-Old with Gun Stops Home Invader with Knife

Deputies say a 16-year-old inside the home confronted Scott with a gun, and told him to drop the knife.

Deputies say Scott dropped the knife, took off his shirt and shoes, and ran away. Police haven't said if the suspect took anything from the home.

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Anonymous said...

This is a great demonstration of why the right to arms is self evidently inherent, rather than a gift from government or a allowance to be handed out like a Title of Nobility via permit and license.

Yes, even a 16 year old has the right to self defense via the use of arms possessed - and like Alito pointed out recently - ALL bearable arms possessed.

Government disallowing possession, purchase, sale, loan, gift, inheritance, and carriage inside and outside the home in any way, especially by age, is a clear infringement and/or abridgement. It is proven to be deadly as so many are attacked, raped and murdered in their own homes every year. Gun Control, that abridging infringement is responsible for so many needless deaths.

This youngster is proof positive that the right to self defense by possession and use of arms cannot be relegated to "time place and manner" regulation. This youngster is alive because current gun control was disregarded in favor of saving one's life by defending one's life despite vicious gun control.

Well done Kid!

Anonymous said...

My daughter was 8 years old when she fired her first .22 rifle. when she turned 18 she bought her first .22 rifle with money she had earned. she is a good bird hunter and handles a 20 gauge semi auto very well. she now has access to several pistols.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering why all of the gun rights groups and gun rights activists have not called for a national day of disobedience. everybody with anything that shoots should show up in their town armed to the teeth and march right down main street and dare them to take any action. the real oath keepers could march with us. I am almost convinced to supply the ammo. something needs to be done and soon. they had the million man march why not a 100+ million gun rights march? let government make the first mistake and then take action they deserve. If you are to chicken to exercise your right you don't need it. How do we organize this? If the government responds with armor I can show you how to take it out. I'm just damn tired of these games.