Friday, October 14, 2016

FL: Armed man shoots knife wielding attacker at gas station

Nearly all homeless have drug and or alcohol problems, or are mentally ill.

When his brother arrived to help him, the victim says a homeless man attacked them with a knife.

Police say the brother shot and killed the homeless man in self-defense.

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Anonymous said...

It is a false claim that "nearly all" homeless suffer from substance addiction or psychological problems.

As a past-volunteer at the Bowery Mission in NYC, I learned many truths about the homeless.

Most homeless were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. They suffered from unexpected unemployment, sudden and enormous medical bills, death of a partner, or some combination of financial circumstances that led to their situation.

Many homeless prefer life on the streets - even in the dead of winter - rather than in a shelter. Shelters are "gun-free-zones". That doesn't mean weapons aren't smuggled in. Shelters therefore become violent places where robbery/theft and rape run rampant. Only a true 'nut' would want to stay there.

Homeless partners refuse shelters because shelters are single-gender, and married spouses are separated from one another. Families with children refuse 'government' or even private assistance, lest The State find out about their lives and plot to steal their children.

Major (ie Los Angeles, et al) and minor (ie Lakewood, NJ) cities are increasingly hostile to the homeless, evicting them from "Tent Cities" - even in remote areas - to prevent local property owners from being offended. It is unfortunate that the USA provides substantial foreign financial aid - even to countries with growing tyranny like Turkiye - while the homeless here are left to rot outside.

Many readers of this blog are fortunate to have a roof over the heads, and - presumably - 1 or more firearms and an intact RKBA.

If 2A supporters who read this blog resent being stereotyped as gun "nuts", afford give the homeless the same respect. Do not give Disarmists 'ammunition' to violate the Constitutionally-protected Rights of those far less fortunate than you.