Monday, October 10, 2016

Followup OR: No Charges for 19-Year-Old that Fought, Shot, Killed, Intruder

A Marion County Grand Jury has found a 19-year-old man was justified in shooting and killing a suspected burglar on Aug. 1, 2016.

Police say 20-year-old Anthony Brown was in the midst of burglarizing a Salem home when he attacked the homeowner, Carlos Texidor, with a rifle.

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Anonymous said...

Dean you have not covered the Palm Springs cop killing so I'm going to make a statement here OK?

I feel it is a terrible circumstance that good cops are killed like this by a disgusting worthless gang member. I truly feel sorry for the two officers and their families. I know there are good LEO's and it appears to be the case in this terrible incident. I ask my self why these two. I'm hoping this will have the proper effect on the issues. I see this entire current problem with police shooting as a revolt by many citizens being abused by the kind of officers I have been subjected to. People are tired and outraged at what is allowed to call them selves police officers. They know when the put the uniform on that they are in a very dangerous job. I believe it would not be so dangerous if the police would destroy the Blue wall and stop protecting the bad cops. Everybody on earth is required to behave in a reasonable manner even if you are a cop. I make no effort to take anything away from these two officers. I blame their demise on the cops that should not be cops. that are protected by the blue wall attitude. Cops need to clean up their image of being bullies and most people would not fear being approached by cops. Laying in wait just to kill a person in a uniform is clearly murder. What surprises me is that the suspect was arrested instead of being killed, they did not burn the home down around him as has happened in the past. They did not run him down at 60 miles an hour. he was not shot in the chest and then in the head. He was not shot with his hands in the air. the cops that do these things are the ones that put all other cops in danger. I believe these kinds of shooting will continue until the cops clean up their ranks. it is sad that good cops suffer the injuries and death because of the bad cops.

I have felt naked when a car full of low rider gang members came through our little town. with tattooed tear drops under their eyes. I answered their questions and they left town. They asked what kind of people live here and I said it is mostly a town full of hunters, just about everyone here is very well armed and hunt everything there is. mostly true but it is a retirement community. Our law enforcement presents is not really acceptable. and we are 62 miles from the county sheriffs office. that is not a bad thing I would not give ten cents for all of their tanned hides in a well wrapped bundle. we have an understanding they don't bother me and I don't bother them. when I was a teenager I dated the county sheriff's daughter. a great guy killed in the line of duty. He managed to kill his killer before he died. Jewelry store robbers on the run. they shot him in the chest point blank. then he drew and killed the guy and fell down dead. He made five hits. He did not draw his gun until he had to. That is a good cop. Not like the chicken shit cowardly bastards we see to much of today. if cops want to clean up their image they need to get rid of the cowards and bullies. They have a tough and dangerous job butt they still need to be humans.