Tuesday, October 04, 2016

TX: AK-47 Clone Used to Defend Jewelry Store from 4 Armed Attackers

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A jewelry store owner used an AK-47 clone to defend his store, employees, and customers from four armed attackers during a dramatic gunfight.  The gunfight happened at high noon on three October, 2016.  The attackers came in shooting. But surprise and speed were not enough to win the fight against the store owner and employees. From yourhoustonnews.com
In a hail of gunfire, Conroe jewelry store owner Jeffery Turner Jr. made the decision to shoot back – with his AK-47 rifle – at four men who opened fire on his customers and staff during an attempted robbery Monday afternoon.

In the aftermath of the bullet spray, one robber lay dead in the doorway among shattered glass; while Turner, his employees and customers were left shaken but unharmed.
This wasn't the first rodeo for the owner and employees of Jeff's Jewelry in Conroe, Texas.  In 2014, there was a robbery attempt where five armed robbers were scared off by an employee with a shotgun. From khou.com:
"God was with us today, he had his arms around everybody that was in there today," said Warner.

This isn't the first time Jeff's Jewelry was hit. Back in 2014, a group of armed robbers barged in, but were scared off when they realized an employee had a gun.

This time, customers are glad the owner was prepared.

"I'm just thankful we're all ok, and he's ok because he really stood up for everybody," said Havens.
Link to video on 2014 robbery attempt

Defense against multiple attackers is where AK-47 clones and similar modern sport utility rifles shine.  They have the magazine capacity, point-ability, and ease of operation to give a significant edge to the defender. The AK family of firearms is legendary for its reliability.  The power of AK and AR type rifles, in the common calibers of 7.62X39, and 5.56X45, while modest by rifle standards, outclasses all common pistol calibers.

In addition to the AK-47 clone, at least two other employees were armed and firing back at the attackers.

The attackers were four black men in black clothing.  There were multiple surveillance cameras in the store.  The video has not been released at this point.

One of the advantages of defense of self and others is the production of evidence at the scene.  Blood traces are useful for DNA analysis.  A body has considerable evidence attached.

With one of the attackers dead, it is likely that the others will be apprehended shortly. It is not known if any of the other attackers were wounded.

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Anonymous said...

Let me ask a question, does it really take that many cops to investigate robbery One of the Kardashians was robbed of 10 million in jewelry by something like five people in police uniforms. it happened in Paris, must have been foreigners. the French are noted for their ability to attack in the opposite direction after they have thrown their guns down.

Wireless.Phil said...

That Kardashian robbery was staged.

If you are that friggen stupid to take valuable jewels from the USA to Paris and not use cut glass copies, you should be robbed!

Anonymous said...

The jewelry store robbery is a perfect example of why and when you need high capacity magazines. if no one were able to get high capacity magazines they would still have the highest capacity allowed. which is fine when it is one on one, dueling pistols only had one or two shots and everything was equal. but if you are being attacked by multiple attackers You have a ten round magazine and then say five attackers have ten round magazines then you are out numbered four to one. In Vietnam we were issued ten magazines of 20 round capacity and you could carry as many bandoliers as you could carry each bandolier had seven 20 round pockets. 200 round basic issue is not much in a fire fight with a fully automatic weapon. I carried my basic issue of magazines and seven bandoliers. I also had my reserve I picked up an extra 80 magazines that I kept under my bunk. In our perimeter bunker we had two foot lockers filled with loaded magazines and cases of ammo cans ready to be opened up. You never need extra ammo until you do and if you do not have it you loose. You can bet the attackers being criminals already are not concerned with the magazine capacity laws or the number they bring with them to carry out the assault. No one ever plans on being attacked but when you are attacked you have to be able and allowed to win. why should anyone be limited on what they feel is necessary. the word self makes it a very personal issue when it is self defense. When I carry I do not leave the house with less than 100 rounds. My pistol belt holds 50 rounds, six in the pistol and an extra pouch with at least 50 more. My rifle holds 10 rounds and the bandolier holds 82 both guns use the same ammo. when I am completely rigged up I carry close to 700 rounds and seven weapons. I guess you could say I take self defense serious. 22lr, 22 mag, 9mm, 357, 12 gauge. every gun has its specific use.